Administratively, Hutan Harapan is located in Batanghari Regency and Sarolangun Regency in Jambi Province and Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra Province. The area of 98,555 hectares is located in the heart of Sumatra Island, one of the largest islands in Indonesia.

Hutan Harapan in the South Sumatra region is included in the Meranti River and Kapas River forest groups, while the Jambi region is included in the Meranti River (Sarolangun) and upstream Lalan River forest groups. Therefore, this area is included in the Meranti, Cotton, and lalan sub-watershed. As well as Musi and Kandang sub-watershed.

The height of the area is identified at 30-70 meters above sea level for the South Sumatra region and 30-120 meters above sea level for the Jambi region.

The Hutan Harapan base camp is easier to reach from the city of Jambi, passing the Sungaibahar District, Muarojambi Regency, with a 2-3 hour travel time by four-wheeled vehicles. This base camp can also be reached from Muarabulian through Bungku Village, Bajubang District, Batanghari Regency, with a distance of about 2 hours.

Since its introduction in 2007, Hutan Harapan has become the main destination for national and international research and environmental tourism in Sumatra. This area is rich in biodiversity and represents 20 percent of Sumatra’s remaining lowland forests. (*)