The greatest concentration of ecosystem restoration in Hutan Harapan is on forest protection under the Department of Forest Protection. More than 100 staff are empowered in this department, including security, patrol, fire fighting, anti-poaching, and anti-illegal logging tasks.

In their duties, this department cooperates with other security agencies, such as the National Police, Indonesian State Army (TNI), and the Forestry Rapid Reaction Police Unit (Sporc) and fire-related agencies, such as Manggala Agni and the Karhutla Command Post in Jambi Province.

For guidance and knowledge of security personnel, management conducts refresher training activities, basic security guard training, fire fighting, and other skills training. The task of this department more broadly also detects pest and disease disorders, disturbance of soil and water conservation, and other disorders.

In a preventive effort, the activities carried out are the installation of prohibition/warning boards both along the boundaries of the concession, areas with high intensity of community traffic and river border areas.

Routine Patrol

Security is carried out by some Security Unit teams regularly. The unit stayed at the post and conducted a walking patrol by motorized vehicles and cars. For this purpose, several security units were built in the Hutan Harapan area.

Joint Patrol

Joint security with joint teams (Internal units, Sporc, and Brimob), also carried out routinely and periodically. The unit conducts patrols running by motor vehicles and cars; appeal and remind people who carry out illegal activities in the Hutan Harapan.

Warnings and Legal Actions

The forest protection team installed some warnings and prohibitions on clearing forest land and carried out illegal logging and other illegal actions in the Hutan Harapan area. If a violator is found, the team will first give a letter of appeal or ask for a statement not to repeat the action. More than that is a legal action, carried out by the Ministry of Forestry in collaboration with state security forces.

Joint Operation

On several occasions, the Hutan Harapan internal security unit together with various security units carried out a joint operation to encroach illegal loggers and perpetrators. This operation must be carried out to deal with the incessant pressure of the encroachment of Hutan Harapan as a state forest whose concession permit is held by PT Indonesia Ecosystem Restoration.


Departing from the 2015 drought experience, the Hutan Harapan Fire Fighting Unit made this alert. This early preparation is supported by Geographic Information System (GIS) technology with data and information support from the United States and other NASA satellites.

Whenever satellite imagery monitors hotspots in the Hutan Harapan region, NASA immediately sends an early alert to be analyzed by the GIS team, processed, then reported to the fire department. With this data, firefighting personnel can immediately move quickly to find hot spots and do blackouts.

With around 50 trained personnel (trained by Manggali Agni instructors in Jambi and South Sumatra provinces) the firefighting team is supported by some sophisticated equipment. Among these, five units of the Wildfire Mark-3 27 kg water pump machine are capable of spraying water with 14 hose branches each along 40 meters simultaneously.

There are also five units of the 9 kg Mini Striker pumping machine which are capable of spraying water with a 30-meter long hose with five branches simultaneously. There are also two units of the 86 kg PFP 20hp CET pumping machine which is also capable of spraying water with further capacity and range. (*)