The Hutan Harapan community partnership program is managed to ensure the stabilization of the area so that it can have a broad ecological, social and economic impact. The Department of Community Partnership and other departments in Hutan Harapan run the program with the spirit of “Restoration with the Community”.

1. Community Development (Comdev) and Support

The Community development and Support program are implemented by targeting the Batin Sembilan community groups, Local Malays, and other communities with an interest in Hutan Harapan.

Batin Sembilan Settlement

Hutan Harapan Management builds and develops special settlements for the Batin Sembilan people who want to settle in the Mitazone area or the Mitra Zone. The location is not far from the Hutan Harapan base camp. In this area some social facilities were built, such as prayer rooms, supported by electricity and clean water. Mitrazone is inhabited by as many as 32 households who generally live from harvesting forest products and gardening.


Sanitation was built for the Batin Sembilan community in the area of Mitrazone and Simpang Macan by installing a clean water installation network. In Mitrazone, the clean water network is equipped with a bathroom building, a water reservoir and a toilet. A 2,000-liter water tower was installed at Simpang Macan, to supply clean water to the houses of Batin Sembilan communities. At Simpang Macan, facilities for washing and bathing and toilet facilities are also built.

Community Partnership-Sekolah Besamo

Primary Education

Hutan Harapan provides primary education facilities for Batin Sembilan children who are accommodated to study at Bersamo School. This year, the Bersamo School, which is a distant class, has a primary school at SDN 49 / I Bungku, Bajubang District, and has graduated six students in grade VI. The school is taught and managed by two teachers who are paid by Hutan Harapan management with a total of 32 students.

Basic Health

The Partnership Department also implements the Basic Health program by providing free clinics to Batin Sembilan communities who live in the area and around the Hutan Harapan.

At Besamo Clinic, the community can get medicine, treatment and even doctor’s services on call. On certain days, socialization about environmental cleanliness is carried out while working together to clean the environment. There are also routine visits or mobile health centers (pusling) and integrated service posts (posyandu) for mothers and children along with the doctor of the nearest Community Health Centre. Coordination is carried out with the Department of Health to support public health assistance.


Social Culture and Economy

The Partnership Department also runs a Social Culture development program through the collection of data and information about the arts, folklore, tradition system, traditional institution of Batin Sembilan. Data and information are compiled to obtain a picture of social and cultural development. To increase economic empowerment and welfare, identification of community economic resources and guidance and training is carried out.

Community Nursery

The involvement of the Batin Sembilan community was also carried out under the Planting Department, namely in the nursery division. The Batin Sembilan community was mobilized to look for native plant seeds in Hutan Harapan and then were provided with nurseries, care to plant. They are given a decent wage.

2. Forestry Partnership

The forestry partnership is based on the Minister of Forestry Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number P.39 / Menhut-II / 2013 concerning Empowerment of Local Communities through the Forestry Partnership. With this regulation, communities are given the freedom to manage forests while still paying attention to ecological aspects and the concept of sustainable forest management. The types of plants are recommended for plants of life, forestry with agroforestry patterns.

Forestry Partnership is a collaboration between local communities and forest utilization permit holders or forest managers as outlined in the forest partnership agreement text. The targets of forestry partnerships in Hutan Harapan include Batin Sembilan people, local Malays, and migrants. Through partnerships, Hutan Harapan management hopes that forests will be sustainable and the community prosperous.

Plant Life

The forestry partnership with the Batin Sembilan community is managed through a partnership on the development of the Living Plants. Harapan Forest Management helps seedlings and provides demonstration plots or demonstration plots as a learning vehicle for Batin Sembilan. Four Batin Sembilan groups have signed a forestry partnership with Harapan Forest, namely the Tanding Group, Mitrazone Group, the Rolling Group, and the Simpang Macan Luar (SML) Group.

The partnership was also built with other community groups who have long had a livelihood in Hutan Harapan. Local Malay communities have long agreed, cooperated, and looked after each other in the Hutan Harapan, such as the Central Kapas community (Romli Group), Sepintun, and others.

Conflict Resolution

Regulation of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Number P.39 / Menhut-II / 2013 concerning Empowerment of Local Communities through the Forestry Partnership is one of the cornerstones of Hutan Harapan management in resolving conflicts. The threat to the Hutan Harapan is now even greater by increasing stakeholders with various national and international affiliations taking part in the vortex of land conflicts.

Hutan Harapan Management faces conflict resolution through the involvement of various parties at various levels, from the community level to the central government, from the security forces to non-governmental organizations. Some conflicts were resolved to the end of a forestry cooperation agreement, some entered the negotiation and mediation rounds.

One group of forest cultivators in 2016 reached an agreement with Harapan Forest, the Trimakno Group in Kunangan Jaya 1, which has now entered its implementation period.

The group of cultivators identified and not yet reached an agreement, among others, the Narwanto Group in Kunangan Jaya 1, the Kunangan Jaya 2 Group (led by the National Farmers Union / STN), Alam Sakti Group, Tanjung Mandiri, Batin Sembilan Base, Mine Group led by the Indonesian Farmers Union (SPI), Hulu Kapas, Hulu Rhino, Pagar Desa and others.

3. Collaboration with KPH

To maintain land stability, Hutan Harapan management also builds collaboration with Forest Management Units (KPH) and builds communication and relationships to assess, identify, and consult on important issues. One of the collaborations is the Hutan Harapan and Birds of Indonesia with the Meranti KPH in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra.

4. Complaint Mechanism

The complaint mechanism was developed, among others, to collect data, information and assess the sources of public complaints. Complaints analysis is needed in determining the direction of ecosystem restoration management policies. This is also part of the commitment of Hutan Harapan management to the fulfillment of human rights standards (HAM).

This commitment to meeting human rights standards (HAM) was announced directly by President Director of PT Reki Effendy A Sumardja and many parties responded to it in public consultations in Palembang (South Sumatra) at the end of 2015 and in Jambi in early 2016. With this commitment, Hutan Harapan management ensures the Ecosystem Restoration activities respect Human rights and have a positive impact on the parties, especially indigenous peoples, local communities, and affected communities. (*)