The environmental service business is one of the recommendations in the management of production forests as ecosystem restoration areas. Hutan Harapan Management develops the area for Sumatra’s wild tourism destinations, which are of great interest to tourists and researchers.


For those who like bird watching, Harapan Forest is a paradise. Many diverse birds, both rare and whose status is still safe, roam freely in the forest.

Hornbills, Common Hill Myna, various Kingfishers, Black-capped Bulbul, various types of Eagles to Silvery Pigeons are relatively common. However, not all birds are easy to find. Many varieties of birds that to find it must go deep into the forest.

Down the River

Going along the Kapas River in the Hutan Harapan, both following the downstream and against the upstream is equally pleasant. With a ketek (outboard motorized boat) visitors can see a variety of views of the towering trees on the left and right of the river. Birds and lizards are also often seen along the river.

Planting Trees

Visitors are invited to be involved in planting tree seedlings together. This activity was carried out as part of building a spirit of preservation of tropical forests in Indonesia, whose future is now increasingly threatened. Tree planters, both individual and corporate will get a signboard according to their respective names that will be a marker in the Hutan Harapan.

Climbing Trees

Tree platforms or tall trees where forest monitoring offers a different sensation. Visitors are invited to climb a perpendicular tree whose height reaches 30 meters. Near the top of the tree, there is a platform made of steel with a wooden floor where people can standing free watching the tops of the wild jungle that stretches as far as the eye can see.

When climbing is done just before dawn, the scenery presented is truly extraordinary and difficult to describe in words.

When the sun began to rise, the fog danced from all over the forest landscape, accompanied by the sound of animals shouting from all over. This vertical tree climbing activity requires stamina and high guts.

There are a number of experienced guides who make sure that the climber is completely safe until you reach the platform and set foot back on the ground. As long as all procedures are followed, this climbing activity can be carried out safely and visitors can enjoy the unique beauty that is rarely found elsewhere.

Night Safari

The sensation of entering a natural forest in the dark is truly an extraordinary experience. Armed with a flashlight and guided by an expert, visitors are invited to enjoy a very different experience. Visitors will encounter some night animals hunting for prey or birds who sleep while perched on branches of trees.

Feelings of fear of the darkness of the forest or wild animals experienced by visitors who joined the night safari activities. Therefore, this activity is only for those who like a wild adventure.

Domestic and abroad media journalists, researchers, and some visitors who like adventure usually never miss the thrilling experience in this forest.


There are four trekking paths in the Hutan Harapan area with different characteristics and challenges, from relatively easy to quite draining stamina.

Usually, the time taken to walk in one trekking path is between one and two and a half hours. On trekking paths with heavier terrain challenges, it takes four and a half hours or more in the forest trail. The scenery on each trekking path is different, in high secondary forests there will be found many types of giant trees of very old age.


Overnight in camp in the woods and the middle of the wild, really be a very pleasant adventure. Sleeping in the dark of the outdoors, staring at billions of stars, amidst the endless siege of insects and forest animals, offers a sensation of another world that will leave an unforgettable impression. For adults, camping is also like repeating the sweet experiences of childhood or adolescence when active in Scout activities or nature lovers’ activities.

Monitor Tiger Tracks

Sumatran tiger? It sounds scary, but tigers in the Hutan Harapan usually avoid direct contact with humans. It is estimated that around 24 Sumatran tigers are roaming freely in certain locations within the Harapan Forest area.

Although it rarely happens, the meeting between humans and tigers has never caused any risk. Generally, these wild animals roam at night in certain locations that are territorial in the forest. The footprints are easy to find on bright days on the road normally traveled by humans, especially on muddy edges of the lake or after rain. The activity of monitoring tiger tracks is a preoccupation.

Visitors can measure the size of a tiger’s palm found. For those who are interested, tiger footprints made from casts can be used as souvenirs to take home. This is also a contribution to forest restoration efforts in Hutan Harapan.

Batin Sembilan Social Tourism

The Hutan Harapan is a place for the Batin Sembilan Tribe. Some women and men are currently being trained to make crafts from forest ferns and produce a variety of handicrafts such as bracelets, rings, sandals, hats, bags, and more. All of these handicrafts can become souvenirs for those who are captivated by handicrafts from the forest and at the same time contribute to the preservation of Hutan Harapan.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is increasingly in demand in Indonesia. Even more with the rise of media about wild photography and the special space to discuss tips and technical photography in nature. Hutan Harapan is a paradise for adventurous photographers as well as a hobby of capturing the wild. The beauty of lowland tropical forest landscapes, a variety of animals from elephants and tigers to a variety of birds.

Special Interest Tourism

Fishing is a daily activity for the Batin Sembilan tribe. This activity is usually done in rivers or lakes that are widely available in the Hutan Harapan area. Not only the fathers, mothers, and children also participate in fishing activities. No wonder they have traditional expertise in fishing. Participating in fishing with them will certainly be a special experience that will leave a deep impression.

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