By Kompas Editor

There are endless stories of the struggles endured by teachers in disadvantaged, frontier and outermost (3T) areas. It is typical for teachers to bear such burdens amid the general lack of facilities in remote areas.

This has not dampened their spirit for educating the nation’s children in remote areas.

The 4K coverage “Unheard Voices”, presented on Monday and Tuesday (29-30/11/2021), revealed how teachers in remote areas are giving their all to this cause. Amid the myriad limitations, they are doing all they can to overcome these obstacles, be they geographical or academic, so they can continue to teach.

Their battle has become tougher since the pandemic. Not only do they struggle to maintain and revive learning activities, they are also unable to attend education training workshops and seminars to gain promotions. This is because these sessions are being held online during the pandemic, while internet access remains an issue in remote areas.

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