Fujitsu Limited
Tokyo, March 28, 2018

Fujitsu today announced that it is supporting the forest conservation efforts of BirdLife International Tokyo(1) in the Hutan Harapan rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia. The organization is supporting forest patrols in Hutan Harapan, as large-scale forest fires and illegal logging has made providing a response an urgent task for many forests in Indonesia. Fujitsu has contributed 3.3 million yen for the purchase of ICT devices, with the goal of increasing the efficiency of these patrols.

The Fujitsu Group has made contributing to the mitigation of climate change one of its goals in the FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision, the Group’s medium-to-long term environmental vision through 2050, and it considers the conservation of forests, which are an important carbon sink source, as a major task in this area. Now, through BirdLife Tokyo, Fujitsu has offered to support Burung Indonesia (BirdLife International’s partner organization in Indonesia) in their conservation activities in the Hutan Harapan rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Hutan Harapan rainforest is a massive forest, about half the size of Tokyo (100,000 hectares), located on the southern side of the island of Sumatra. This is the first area in Indonesia set aside by the country’s Ecosystem Restoration Concession(2), and rare animals such as wild Sumatran tigers and Sumatran elephants still exist in the area. There are also activities to restore the secondary forests that were former commercial logging sites to the original ecosystem. Such activities are important and significant in improving the forest’s ability to serve as a carbon sink, thereby limiting global warming.

Forest patrols are currently being conducted as an urgent response to large-scale forest fires and illegal logging in the Hutan Harapan rainforest. Because it requires time and effort to carry out patrols and aggregate information, however, such endeavors have limited the amount of resources allocated to the original mission of forest restoration. Now, Fujitsu has made a donation for the purchase of ICT devices that will enable workers to input on-the-ground status information while still in the field, improving the efficiency of forest patrols.

Going forward, the Fujitsu Group will continue to support forest conservation and restoration efforts, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.



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