If you would like to know a bit more about Hutan Harapan one of the Forest of Hope, listen to Mangara Silalahi – the head of PT. Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia – Hutan Harapan at the 47min mark.
In short, managing 100,000 hectares of forest while protecting the indigenous people, and biodiversity that call it home is challenging. Conservation is a process, and with the support of the government and partners at all levels, there are many successes.
‘Sitting together, building trust, to figure out how to protect forest, improve the community and our community programme is complex….. It covers many disciplines, and conflict resolution through improving livlihoods is a long process and the aim of our community partnership program.’ – Mangarah Silalahi, PT REKI
Also listen to the other speakers from around the world at this panel on Framing Forests, Liveihoods and Peacebuilding.