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Hutan Harapan is the first ecosystem restoration concession in Indonesia with an area of  98,000 located in Jambi and South Sumatra Provinces managed by PT REKI based on a permit from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Hutan Harapan’s vision is: “Restoring Indonesia’s Forests for Future Needs.” Hutan Harapan’s mission is: 1) To protect and restore the productivity of Indonesia’s natural forest services and ecosystems; 2) Sustainably managing forest resources in harmony with nature and community needs. 3) Collaborate with various/strategic partners by demonstrating innovative techniques and unique business. To support this vision and mission, Hutan Harapan has established four program pillars mandated by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry: area stabilization, rehabilitation of the economic value of production forests, community socio-economic empowerment and development, and restoration of selected flora and fauna habitats.


1.1 Job Overview

Position Business Manager
Department Business
Supervisor Director of Operations
Subordinate Assistant Manager, Coordinator, and business staff

1.2. Main Task

  1. Developing and planning business in three areas and implementing commodity-based business plans that management agrees upon.
  2. Submitting a business plan initiative to Top Management (President Director, and Director of Operations) that is innovative, valuable, and aligned with ecosystem restoration efforts.
  3. Managing all stages of the commodity value chain – planting, rearing, harvesting, and marketing.
  4. Generating cash flow from selling NTFP commodities and environmental services from Hutan Harapan and other businesses (canteens, Harapan shops, merchandise, etc.).
  5. Building and developing interactions with stakeholders, such as other companies, government, communities, suppliers, and consumers who can support businesses in Hutan Harapan.
  6. Managing business and business staff to increase the yield of NTFP products, Environmental Service Businesses, and area utilization.
  7. Collaborating with other departments to obtain business development support and support the company’s performance in general.
  8. Setting production targets and sales targets and ensuring achievement is achieved.
  9. Developing field trials for business products in Hutan Harapan.
  10. Facilitating preparation of commodity business feasibility studies for potential NTFPs, environmental service businesses, and area utilization.
  11. Assisting top management in exploring other potential sources of income.
  12. Reporting work reports monthly to the company’s Top Management.
  13. Carrying out other tasks the company’s leadership requested related to ecosystem restoration activities in Hutan Harapan and company interests.

1.3 Qualifications

  1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in forestry, agriculture, plantation, business economics, and/or other relevant fields.
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in business or business-related activities
  3. Understand business processes
  4. Excellent organization and managerial skills
  5. Understand the management of Man Power Planning
  6. Understand business plans and budgeting.

1.4. Time and Placement

This work is based at the Hutan Harapan base camp. Business managers are expected to work at base camp for 22 days, followed by 8 days off in a one-month period.

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2.1 Job Overview

Position Coordinator
Department Forest Restoration and Monitoring
Supervisor Manager of Forest Restoration and Monitoring

2.2. Main Task

  1. Conducting vegetation surveys for land cover monitoring and carbon measurement activities.
  2. Mapping with drones
  3. Conducting vegetation analysis to measure forest quality and carbon
  4. Interpreting satellite imagery for making land cover maps
  5. Managing spatial database
  6. Providing knowledge of using GPS and drones for other teams.
  7. Helping manager update field data.

2.3 Qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Forestry, Forest Science
  2. Able to use GIS and Remote Sensing applications
  3. Proficient in vegetation survey tools (GPS, compass, Laser Rangefinder)
  4. Able to process data with Statistical Applications (R, Python)
  5. Able to use a computer for making reports (Ms. Office)
  6. Able to plan and supervise activities in the field
  7. Able to work independently and with a team
  8. Willing to work in the field (Mandah)
  9. Able to manage a team well and have good interpersonal relationships
  10. Able to learn new things and have the initiative to find solutions to problems
  11. Have good communication with the supervisor and other teams
  12. Able to properly care for company assets

2.4. Time and Placement

This work is based at the Hutan Harapan base camp. Business managers are expected to work at base camp for 22 days, followed by 8 days off in a one-month period.

Please send your CV and one reference to Write your position code in the email