Hutan Harapan is an Ecosystem Restoration Concession granted by the Ministry of Forestry (now the Ministry of Environment and Forestry – MoEF) to PT Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia (PT REKI) with an area of 98,555 Ha. As one of the Sumatran Lowland Forest ecosystems, Hutan Harapan has a high biodiversity which includes 1311 species of flora and 620 species of fauna. A total of 43 species of flora of which are endemic to Sumatra, 10 are protected species, and 46 species are on the IUCN red list because they are classified as vulnerable, endangered or critical. For example, four   key species in Hutan Harapan  that are on the IUCN red list are the Sumatran Elephant (critically endangered), Sumatran Tiger(critically endangered), Agile Gibbon (endangered), and Ivory Hornbill (critically endangered). Hutan Harapan is home to approximately 250 Batin Sembilan families and 300  Malay families.

Hutan Harapan’s vision is: “Restoring Indonesian Forests for Future Needs”. To achieve the vision, Harapan mission statement is: (1) to protect and restore productivity services and ecosystems of Indonesia’s natural forests; (2) sustainably manage forest resources in harmony with nature and community needs; and (3) collaborating with various /strategic partners by demonstrating innovative techniques and unique business. To support this vision and mission, Hutan Harapan has established four program pillars which are also the mandate of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, namely area stabilization, rehabilitation of the economic value of production forests, empowerment and socio-economic development of the community, and restoration of selected flora and fauna habitats. The activities are forest protection, community partnership, research, planning and monitoring, forest restoration and conservation, business development and corporate communication.

To support Hutan Harapan’s efforts in realizing the vision  and mission mentioned above, Hutan Harapan needs:

  1. A Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) to ensure that the daily operations meet government obligations, donor outputs, support business development and company goals.

1. Deputy Director of Operations (DDO)

1.1  Job Overview DOO

Title Deputy Director of Operations
Department Board of Directors
Reporting to Director of Operations 
Subordinates All Managers

The Deputy Director of Operations will support the Director of Operations to manage the daily operations of Hutan Harapan and directly report to Director of Operations, and to the President Director if DOO is off duty. The Deputy DOO will also coordinate the responsibilities of all managers, synthesize and compile reports to be submitted to the President Director and Operations Director to fulfill PT REKI’s government obligations, mandates from the Board of Patrons/ Board of Management, and support proposal and business development to ensure long term sustainability of Hutan Harapan.   

1.2. Main Tasks

  1. Support the Director of Operations in leading, managing and coordinating the company’s operational activities in accordance with obligations of ERC-PBPH (Forest multi-business/ Utilization License).
  2. Support the Director of Operations to ensure the implementation of Ten Year Plan (RKU) and Annual Work Plan (RKT) both in South Sumatra by collaborating with managers/ assistant managers.
  3. Support the Director of Operations in planning, monitoring and evaluating budget and human resource management, and ensuring various operational aspects are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Develop the company’s organizational capacity through capacity building and provision of technical guidance to managers and Hutan Harapan staff to achieve company goals and targets, especially to conduct planning and reporting, business development and community partnership.
  5. In consultation with the President Director and  Director of Operations, to develop and manage strategic communication and coordination with the government, strategic partners, and key stakeholders at the provincial and district levels to support the company’s operations and Hutan Harapan’s strategic programs.
  6. Lead and coordinate the development of operational plans and the preparation of periodic company reports in accordance with the rights and obligations of the IUPHHK-RE.
  7. To support the DOO and managers to develop annual plans and budgets and monthly reports for submission to the President Director for approval.
  8. Support the President Director and Director of Operations to coordinate the programs and activities of Hutan Harapan periodically with Burung Indonesia, Partners (RSPB, BLI, and NABU) and other strategic partners of Hutan Harapan.
  9. To support the DOO to provide regular reports to President Director, donors, the Board of Patrons/ Board of Management, and Government Obligation.
  10.  Other tasks relevant to the management of Hutan Harapan assigned by President Director and DOO.
  11. Directly report to the President Director if the DOO is on duty.

1.3 Authority

  1. Using and optimizing various resources Hutan Harapan to support the company’s operations in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  2. Support the DOO on the technical direction in all operational matters regarding implementation and planning of activities annually.  
  3. Support DOO to manage all managers in daily operations, and responsible for all daily operations if DOO is off duty.
  4. Support the President Director and DOO on matters related to operational direction and policies.

1.4 Qualifications

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in forestry, agriculture, plantation, management, business administration, and/or other relevant fields. Master Degree Preferred. 
  2. Work experience in a forestry company, ecosystem conservation and restoration, and/or natural resource management for more than 7 years, and preferably having held a manager position for at least 3 years.
  3. Have an understanding of forestry and environmental corporate governance.
  4. Have experience in leading and managing programs and activities at the site level.
  5. Have leadership skills with integrity, adaptation, and responsiveness to work dynamics.
  6. Have the ability to strategically analyze and make decisions quickly and accurately.
  7. Able to coordinate, monitor and evaluate all aspects of the company’s operations.
  8. Able to compile reports on achievement of activities and identify company opportunities and challenges.
  9. Excellent in speaking and writing, both Indonesian and English.

1.5 Performance Indicators

  1. All managers work collaboratively to reach all donors’ outputs, government obligations and company goals.
  2. Implement the Ten Year Plan and design annual work plan documents and company work implementation reports to be approved by President Director.  
  3. The implementation of departmental tasks and the achievement of company targets in accordance with the company’s RKU and RKT, as well as programs and activities that have been planned.
  4. Compilation of strategic documents and monitoring, evaluation and learning (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning – MEL) tools that are used effectively by the company.
  5. Established good communication and coordination between companies and the government, strategic partners, business people, communities and related parties in the Hutan Harapan area.

1.6. Time, Place and Implementation of Activities

The job is based at the Hutan Harapan basecamp.  The Deputy DOO is expected to work from the basecamp for 22 days, followed by 8 days off in a one-month period.

  Please send your application and CV tru email : and with 3 references by mentioning your position.