Press Release: Response to the Article titled ‘End of funding dims hopes for a Sumatran forest targeted by palm oil growers’.


JAMBI, 17 November 2018 — The Hutan Harapan Initiative is a Partnership of three organisations – Burung Indonesia, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and BirdLife International – who in 2004 formed the Indonesia Forest Conservation Foundation known as Yayasan Konservasi Ekosistem Hutan Indonesia (KEHI hereinafter ‘we’/’our’/’us’) to provide the strategic direction for work to be undertaken in the Hutan Harapan Ecosystem Restoration Concessions (ERC) which cover 98,555 ha in South Sumatra and Jambi Provinces. The Yayasan/Foundation is legally registered and received approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through Ministry Decree number: C-490. HT. 01.02.2005. The two Ecosystem Restoration Concession licences that constitute Hutan Harapan were the first to be issued in Indonesia and we are immensely proud to have been given the opportunity by the Government of Indonesia to support forest conservation in Indonesia through this innovative mechanism. The ERC approach has now been replicated many times over with 16 licenses now granted, covering over 600, 000 ha of forest in Indonesia.

More info click here Press release Hutan Harapan for Mongabay_final_Nov 17 2018_2


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